ladies and gentlemen, the american education system

My school apparently ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago and my Spanish teacher was telling the girls to keep a roll in their purses and the guys to keep a roll in our backpacks. North American Education system.

this is basically any public school in the world tbh

No toilet paper, no soap, books that are falling apart and rebound with DUCT TAPE, teachers that have to get second jobs and classrooms with buckets on desks to catch leaks when it rains…
And I get 3-4 requests to join fundraisers per kid PER MONTH. I wish I were kidding. I had 3-4 a school year as a kid - max. Now every week I’m hawking something else to help them out - wrapping paper, scented pencils, cookie dough, candles, magazines, discount cards, coupon books. And then there are the car washes, rummage sales, and just flat out donations to the school that they request. (BTW, “mandatory donation” is an oxymoron. A mandatory donation is called a “FEE”.)
Every person I know that doesn’t have kids in public school whines about their property taxes going to pay for them.
1) Who the hell do you think paid for YOUR publicly funded education?
2) Do you live in a bubble? These kids you refuse to educate will be the doctors, lawyers, cops, paramedics, teachers, gov’t officials, etc. that run things when you’re old and infirm. Hey, I hate taxes as much as the next person but I’d like to have an oncologist that can READ!

"Léon: Revenge is not a good thing, it’s better to forget.Mathilda: Forget? After I’ve seen the outline of my brother’s body on the floor, you expect me to forget? I wanna kill those sons of bitches, and blow their fucking heads off!”
Léon, The Professional (1994)
"I catch myself still hoping sometimes."


when ur alarm goes off on a school day and you just


(vía distraction)

"A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey"

“i dont care about looks”




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